Tuesday, March 4, 2014

aftermath (in black and white)

by chuck leary

illustrations by konrad kraus

and then what?" - oswald spengler

when the bad guys have all been defeated
and the armies of hell have all retreated
and the bards have nothing more to sing or say
what will humans do all day?

when all the walls have been wired
and the heavens have all been choired
and all the field marshals have retired
and the crackers have all been fired

and the last trick has been tried
and the last egg has been fried
and every knot has been untied
and everyone has looked around and gone inside

and all the arguments have been averted
and all the heathen have been converted
and all the weapons have been melted down
and all the kings have taken off their crowns

and every performer is applauded
and every artist is lauded
and every song has been recorded
and every masterpiece can be afforded

and the princesses have all been saved
and freedom granted to all slaves
and the dragons are all in therapy
what will become of you and me?

and everything unseen has been seen
what will fill up the screen?
will preachers find new sins
and everything begin again?

i hear a crescendoing hum
in a vast auditorium
the entire human race
has been brought together in one space

seating arrangements have been decided
coffee and donuts have been provided
all that is, will be and has been
is flashed upon a giant screen

a sudden whirl of light and shade
then silence - as the house lights fade
a figure strides upon the stage
opens a book and turns a page

the secret masters have done their job
the spectators melt into one big blob
of barely breathing expectation
anticipating defenestration

the blob can hardly catch its breath
the truth explodes like a bullet on meth
like an avalanche punch in the freight train gut
the final words - "and then what?"

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