Saturday, August 31, 2013



Volodymyr Bilyk. Girls. This is Visual Poetry.


The backstory of the series is in the aborted project of releasing Raymond Chandler novels. Pieces – which are font collages started as the illustrations. It was to be the blink into the characters mind. Then the project was shut down – but I was too much in this thing – almost obsessed. I was fulfilled by it and I had a need to exhaust it to the bottom.

The central idea is the collision of the dada-sensibility (mostly inspired by the collages of Kurt Schwitters, Hannah Hoch and Raoul Hausmann), the hard-boiled images (Raymond Chandler, Dashiel Hammett, James Cain, Jim Thompson) and the film noir atmosphere (Night of the Hunter, The Big Heat, Touch of Evil, Maltese Falcon). The link between them is Jean-Michel Basquat and his highly expressive, straight-to-the-point chaotic style. His compositional method is the most adequate for the purpose of recreating kaleidoscopical frenzy.

The reader (because the images are built with fonts which contains letter which got the forms of certain images or placed to look as the certain images) is like the private eye remembering his last job. Remembering that he looked for the thing long enough to be haunted by it, to become obsessed by it. All he can remember are this blinks and from the blinks he builds the backstory and the stories between the blinks.

Hour Rant Does Horror Gruesome

It's horrible piece of work. Poorly done and sloppily interpreted. But it has something that can connect it with some personal religious experiences. And this passage makes no sense.
It goes - dot dot dot dot dot dot I
l l l l l l I
l l l l l l I - one I for two lines of L
I I I I I I l
I I I I I I l - one l for two lines of I
dot dot dot dot dot dot in a squre. 


Pray to the holy ghost while you suck your host.